My Summer Home

27 Jul

Oh Big Brother – I don’t know what your secret formula is, but you suck me in every single summer. I forget about you completely once you’re over, but the second that first commercial is aired in late-May, I can’t wait for you to start.

Now, having watched all 11 previous seasons I know what’s in store: stock characters, stock dialogue, challenges that must have been designed by either a super-genius or a ten-year-old (and possibly both), the Chenbot. And yet, I eagerly await the first episode that always begins with a mad dash for a bed, and then all 3 (3!) hours a week of the set em up, knock em down formula that is the Head of Household competition, Nomination ceremony, Veto competition, Eviction cycle.

This year I’ve been rewarded for my faithfulness with a cast that includes a screeching chemist, a deranged local sheriff, Big Brother’s version of Jersey Shore-dom, more breasts than you can shake a stick at, and all of the oh-so-pretty men who seem to be lining up to shake their own sticks at those breasts. This season we’re being treated to not one, but two, showmances and the show has been on for just over 2 weeks. My guess is the BB pixelation budget is going to be busted before the summer is half over, though the houseguests seem to have mastered the use of blankets, finally.

And could it be true? Has motherhood loosened up the Chetbot? Gone is the stick figure and even tinier outfits – not only does she look fabulous but she seems to have found a personality. May the same hold true for my favorite cardboard cut-out of a show.

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