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Define Star.

31 Aug

When ABC broke into the Bachelor Pad last night (which gets worse every week) to announce the new cast, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so bad.

Margaret Cho is the bright spot in an otherwise unwatchable season. She’ll bring the funny—also, she has a belly dance background so could totally kill in the Latin numbers. Go Cho! I do worry because I think she’s touring this fall and that typically messes people up when they get to the two dances a week stage.

I have tons of love for Jennifer Grey, but I really miss her old face. It used to just be her nose, but now she’s barely recognizable. I’m still pulling for her though. As Smart Lady B pointed out, the “nobody puts Baby in a corner” references will be unbearable. I also can’t help but brace for her departing dance to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” during which we will all barf and contemplate suicide.

As for the rest of the cast … I have no interest in any of them. There will never be another Gilles and I’m beyond disappointed in the men. Blah.

EMMY Opening Number

30 Aug

What fun to see John Hamm shakin’ it. But oooh, Matt Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris looked like they were smiling through tears that they were not included and Kate worst-person-ever Plus 8 was.

DWTS casting

27 Aug

We are all standing by to determine if the next DWTS cast will make it a must-watch season or a boycott season (which usually translates to me watching about 80% of it).

Rumors of Bristol Palin, Michael Bolton and someone from Jersey Shore make me lean boycott. But what’s this? Rumors of JENNIFER GREY change EVERYTHING.  Please let it be true.

Anyway, they better come up with something good!

Return of the Annoying on Mad Men

23 Aug

Ugh, the annoying chicas are back on Mad Men tonight.  Daft actress and Grey’s dead surgeon. Also, how weird to see DD all impressed by Benihana. 

However, loving Don’s red sweater with hat weekend outfit.

Suddenly interested in Gossip Girl

23 Aug

I have only seen Gossip Girl once or twice, back in my gym going days.  Sigh. But I digress.

Hark, is that Billy Baldwin I see? Now we’re talkin’!

Lies, Pies and Puke.

18 Aug

I managed to catch The Pad on my trusty DVR this week. First, ABC is totally cheaping out on these dates. Body painting in what could only be the basement of the mansion? Where are my helicopters? And Gia’s date appeared to take place in a well-landscaped parking garage or something. gross.

Speaking of Gia—very interesting development from girl who’s been playing the “I’m the nice one with a boyfriend at home” character. She totally lied to Craig and all of the girls and then got all piss-ass when Nikki didn’t do as she was told. I don’t know. I feel like she’s a shady one. Also, Wes is nice now, oh and he loves Gia. Yes, I bet that’s true. Sheesh.

Regarding that pie-eating contest: That was just nasty. People puked in the pie, then ate the pie and people just let that happen? I like to see a scrawny gal chow down as much as the next guy, but that was too much.

I knew it was on!

13 Aug

But I owe it to Libby for getting me riled up about watching it.  (I may have fallen asleep twice trying to watch last week’s episode…)

I really haven’t watched since the switch to Lifetime.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Tim Gunn, Nina and the gang.  Tim was in RARE form last night. It seems like Lifetime is providing more Tim screen time which is fantastic.  Bravo seemed to reduce him to  a “Make it Work” and “Carry on” and “I’m concerned” robot. Lifetime is showing off how articulate he is and I’m lovin’ it.  (I mean, I fancy myself cultured but I didn’t totally follow the My Fair Lady discussion.  I feel like Bravo would have skipped that.)

I even missed Heidi, though I quarrel with the week 2 elimination. She said one of you will be out, and then eliminated 2 and made the cape-man cry!  His blouse was so pretty, even if he did forget the back!

That Marie Claire challenge was interesting in that it really separated out the people who refused to think about what a real person would wear. But honestly, how many people would wear that winning jumpsuit?

Wait. Since when is Project Runway on again?

12 Aug

This Lifetime situation is bullshit.


12 Aug
Peregrine Honig's Fawns

I sorta can't believe how awesome this piece by Peregrine Honig is.

I haven’t totally been following Bravo’s latest Project Runway knockoff, Work of Art – The Next Great Artist but the few times I have seen it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The critiques and artists’ statements can be totally affected and cliche, and the fake Tim Gunn seems to be there solely for his accent, but overall, the work is interesting. And last night’s finale was really good.

While she didn’t win, Peregrine Honig of the wacky hats, cotton candy and horn-playing husband, totally captured my heart—and everyone else’s—with the above piece and her lovely demeanor.

One great thing about the finale? All of the contestants seemed genuine, kind and supportive of one another. I don’t think I heard the phrase “throw under the bus” even once. I wish I never had to hear those words in the same sentence ever again, but I digress.

Kudos to Bravo for this one.

New Lows

10 Aug

I’m ashamed. Not only did I gleefully watch The Bachelor Pad, I watched that Dating In the Dark Show (I won’t justify its existence with a link). I hate you ABC.

Regarding The Pad: Elizabeth needs to dye her hair back and stop talking. Does the Weatherman realize that his official ABC name is actually “The Weatherman?” The bunk beds are totally ridiculous. Michelle: Oy. Is Tenley for real or just super sneaky?

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