I knew it was on!

13 Aug

But I owe it to Libby for getting me riled up about watching it.  (I may have fallen asleep twice trying to watch last week’s episode…)

I really haven’t watched since the switch to Lifetime.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Tim Gunn, Nina and the gang.  Tim was in RARE form last night. It seems like Lifetime is providing more Tim screen time which is fantastic.  Bravo seemed to reduce him to  a “Make it Work” and “Carry on” and “I’m concerned” robot. Lifetime is showing off how articulate he is and I’m lovin’ it.  (I mean, I fancy myself cultured but I didn’t totally follow the My Fair Lady discussion.  I feel like Bravo would have skipped that.)

I even missed Heidi, though I quarrel with the week 2 elimination. She said one of you will be out, and then eliminated 2 and made the cape-man cry!  His blouse was so pretty, even if he did forget the back!

That Marie Claire challenge was interesting in that it really separated out the people who refused to think about what a real person would wear. But honestly, how many people would wear that winning jumpsuit?

One Response to “I knew it was on!”

  1. Libby Lowe August 16, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    So I finally caught up on PR–that Gretchen isn’t very nice. And B, good observation: there’s more Tim being smart this season, yes to that! I totally agree that the second elimination was lame. His outfit wasn’t that bad and it’s only week 3.
    A note about episode 2: Heidi called something “butt ugly.” Hilarious.

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