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Wait. Since when is Project Runway on again?

12 Aug

This Lifetime situation is bullshit.


12 Aug
Peregrine Honig's Fawns

I sorta can't believe how awesome this piece by Peregrine Honig is.

I haven’t totally been following Bravo’s latest Project Runway knockoff, Work of Art – The Next Great Artist but the few times I have seen it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The critiques and artists’ statements can be totally affected and cliche, and the fake Tim Gunn seems to be there solely for his accent, but overall, the work is interesting. And last night’s finale was really good.

While she didn’t win, Peregrine Honig of the wacky hats, cotton candy and horn-playing husband, totally captured my heart—and everyone else’s—with the above piece and her lovely demeanor.

One great thing about the finale? All of the contestants seemed genuine, kind and supportive of one another. I don’t think I heard the phrase “throw under the bus” even once. I wish I never had to hear those words in the same sentence ever again, but I digress.

Kudos to Bravo for this one.

New Lows

10 Aug

I’m ashamed. Not only did I gleefully watch The Bachelor Pad, I watched that Dating In the Dark Show (I won’t justify its existence with a link). I hate you ABC.

Regarding The Pad: Elizabeth needs to dye her hair back and stop talking. Does the Weatherman realize that his official ABC name is actually “The Weatherman?” The bunk beds are totally ridiculous. Michelle: Oy. Is Tenley for real or just super sneaky?

Bachelorette Countdown

2 Aug

Am I right that we are looking at 3-4 hours of coverage tonight (incl. After the Final Rose?)  Seems a bit much.  I am so glad I finally joined the 21st century this summer and got DVR so that I can take advantage of fast forward capabilities!

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