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Thank you, Twitter.

28 Sep


What she said.

28 Sep

I have been irked by Bristol Palin’s claim that she’s a “teen pregnancy prevention advocate” since this season of DWTS kicked off. It’s like saying The Situation is an actor. Bristol is Sarah Palin’s daughter and The Situation is a pigeon-toed, but surely lovely, guy with fascinating abdominal muscles. Done.

Anyway, this post by Gretchen Sisson on nicely sums up what I have been trying to articulate.

Mrs. Roper Lives On

24 Sep

Regarding Project Runway, what the hell did everyone see in Gretchen’s Mrs. Roper velvet/feather nightmare that I missed? Seriously. I need answers.

Original Betty

24 Sep

I think we all celebrate the return of Betty White, but wish writers would make better use of her than the obligatory old-person-says-something-dirty-or-mentions-the-Facebook jokes.  But I never would have guessed that Community would be the show to do it!  Great performance, unique story line!

Top Chef + Just Desserts

23 Sep

Typically, I don’t have much love for the reunion show. However, last night’s Top Chef DC gathering had a few moments worth celebrating. My favorite  happened during the Judges Gone Wild segment in which we were all treated to Tom, Padma and the crew killing time. At judges’ table, Padma asked, “Who do we want to send home?” And then Tom raised his hand looking very sullen and a little hopeful. Awesome.

And I’m super excited about Top Chef All Stars! Hello Fabio, I have missed you! I am eagerly awaiting a new round of quotes. Though he is best known for “This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop,” my favorite (so far) was when Tom dissed his dish and Fabio said something like, “My grandmother, she would be so disappointed in you.”

And regarding Just Desserts … UGH. Gail is nice. There’s just too much emphasis on the personal drama. I feel bad for that Seth guy, really. But he’s annoying and creepy. And how could they send Tim home? He’s like the Nathan Lane character in the Birdcage. So cute and nice. I will probably keep watching, but I will regret it.

Tuesday Premieres

22 Sep

I love that Glee started off the season by making fun of itself.  [Mr. Shue: “They don’t like it when I rap?”] Even better: the fist fight between Quinn and Santana! [Also, I hate to impose reality on a show that is essentially a musical, but if they came in third at Regionals, it seems to me that they would not then be able to go to Nationals.]

Also, Billy Baldwin is everywhere! What a welcome addition to Parenthood!

Well played, America! (DWTS Results)

22 Sep

[Update upon actually watching the results]
DWTS Week 1 elimination actually surprised me, but I am very happy with your work, America.  (I did not actually tune in, but the internet hooked me up with the information.)

Despite the otherwise interminable nature of the results show, I must say that I enjoyed the pros’ cha-cha.  If you have danced cha-cha, you have danced to Oye Como Va.  It was fun to see what they did with it–very classic, showed off the skills of the Latin champs on the show, and was not overwrought as the pro dances often are.  Also, it was such a lesson in how important the right music is.  I understand DWTS uses a variety of music to engage America, but it’s not easy on the performers.  True cha-cha music (or samba, waltz, etc.) really helps–it accents the important beats so that you know when to step.  Usually.

Libby covered most of my thoughts on yesterday’s performance show but here are a few more:

1. Did anyone else notice that Derek did not seem to be familiar with “These Arms of Mine” when he announced that it would be their song?  On that note, I usually think the band does a nice job but I think we all learned a lesson that covering Otis Redding is something about which EVERYONE should think twice before trying.  (Don’t even think about it, Michael I-think-When-A-Man-Loves-A-Woman-is-my-song Bolton.)  So far I think I like them as a couple but can’t tell how that’s going to work yet. I was hoping she’d be paired with Tony but of course Derek is great so can’t complain.

2. Loving Karina’s new haircut.  Conversely, Lacey’s blond hair is terrifying.

3.  Rick Fox maybe IS too tall, despite what the judges said.

4. How about that Kyle?  I had never heard of him but he was tons of fun.

5.  Sooo, can someone explain why the Situation did not show off his abs?  Isn’t that a job requirement for him? Isn’t that why he was wearing a zip up warm up jacket? [Aha, he showed them off when prompted by Florence Henderson. She’s fun–we need to keep her around!]

6. Libby said it, but I have to second the wishes that Margaret Cho will come out strong next week.

7. I won’t really critique Bristol due to her age and lack of performance background.  (I think the judges were doing the same?) For now,  I’ll just say that I was not impressed with her ability to get the steps down, but let’s wait and see what she can do with more rehearsals.

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