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Dancing in the Round

12 Oct

Where to start?

First let’s congratulate everyone for surviving the raised in the round stage.  No dropped partners.  Hurrah!

Karina/Situation: The abs arrived!  Love the Sweet Dreams music. But poor Situation can’t dance. I think Carrie Ann got it right when he said that walking is his worst move. Most importantly, Karina’s hair scared me.

Oh Florence. Nice dress but that dance was bananas.

Dazamn Jennifer Grey!  That tango rocked. Wowza!  And Len didn’t even have a problem with their piano monkey business at the beginning.  That dance felt so much longer than the others because there was so much more packed in.

Let’s talk about Mark and Bristol.  First, I liked when little Tripp tried to hit Mark at the end of their visit. Someone had to.  When Mark worked with little Shawn Johnson he worked really hard to make her comfortable and keep a friendly distance.  But here, his dances are just way too flirty/sexy considering he is working with a 19 year old non-performer.  Next week, Mark, keep your distance and keep your shirt on!  Seriously.  As to the dancing–such a mixed bag.  She has good and bad moments.

Dearest Audrina: Two things. (1) Getting the high score once does not make you a “front runner.”  Especially when (2) you apparently refuse to make facial expressions for fear of wrinkles.  And here I thought you were just a robot.

Let’s see, who did I purposely forget?

The athletes!  I think the judges got it right.  Oh and that kid who was on It’s So Raven.  I thought he was pretty good.

Brandy/Max–hey they were good!  I give a lot of credit to the lighting and the sheet costume for points but Brandy really did a nice job.

Dancing in the Round

12 Oct

Dancing in the Round.

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