Bounce to the Ounce

16 Nov

I’ve been a Kyle fan from Day 1.  He is a lot of fun to watch and really knows how to perform through dance (not just go from pose to pose ala Audrina…or Brandy).  I was very happy to see him do so well AND get credit for it from the judges.  Samba always strikes me as the kiss of death on the show but it just didn’t stop him.  (And this was with a costume that was not doing him any favors.)  I also give Kyle a lot of credit for doing content-heavy dances.  So often the male contestants are just light years behind the ladies in terms of the difficulty level they take on, but I don’t feel that it is the case with Kyle.

Brandy. Sigh.  I am trying to keep an open mind, but I just find her movement stiff and awkward.  I feel like she gives a performance with her face but not with her dancing.  I will give credit for the tango–that did not look easy. (Though I note she did a way modified version of the scary jump lift that Erin did with Maks last season. But that’s cool–it really did look scary.)

Bristol. What can I say? She’s not terrible, especially when you consider that she has no performing background. She really does look like a high school kid performing at an assembly (“Gee look Mom, I’m dancing!”). Which is fine. Except this isn’t an assembly. Her dances seem to be at a slower pace than the others.   [Sidenote: if indeed Tea Party folks are rigging the voting (see it just does not bode well for our country that they would try to push a non-deserving winner on a dancing show just to make trouble. ] That said, I do think a lot of people vote because they think she has come such a long way, but I think in the end, it should be who is best.  The show is called Dancing with the Stars. Newsflash, America: actual performing arts stars (as opposed to reality show stars) are very likely to have dance or at least performing talent.   The point is that they are not professional ballroom dancers. I get that watching Kristi or whats-her-name from last season dominate a season can be disheartening, but wasn’t it fun to see such great performances?

Anyway, I guess we know where I stand on Jennifer. She rocks!  I am finding her story so interesting. I am still unclear how much dance background she had before Dirty Dancing, but I do believe she has done little since.  It is interesting that it always seemed like Mr. Swayze was the dance highlight of the movie–and of course he was–but watching J. Grey light it up each week, I now see that her dancing and performance quality are very special as well. Does it make anyone else want to cry that it took her all this time to get out there and dance again? That movie just came out at the wrong time when there was just no interest in dancing and movie musicals as there is again now.   Whatever is wrong with DWTS, it makes me happy that millions are tuning in each week to watch dancing and that talented performers/choreographers like Derek Hough and Cheryl Burke have nice paying job and notoriety.






One Response to “Bounce to the Ounce”

  1. Libby Lowe November 23, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    Agreed! Kyle is awesome. Let’s hear it for that Tootsie Roll!!!!

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