About the Smart Ladies

Libby Lowe came to bad TV via Salem, USA and the fine people of Days of Our Lives. While her plan to marry Bo Brady seems to have fallen through, her love for trashy television continues! She’s mostly loving on all things Bachelor and Bravo. She has also been known to get down with The Biggest Loser, Losing It With Jillian and more. When she’s not on the couch judging people, she’s doing serious work here and blogging about Chicago do-gooders and life as a freelance writer and editor here.

Jennifer Marcus thinks the DVR was invented with her in mind, just so she never has to miss an episode of Big Brother ever again. She unabashedly loves TV, and she might love bad TV more than that. While she may not embrace reality TV with the fervor of her fellow smart ladies (though what she lacks in breadth she makes up for in depth – Big Brother anyone?) her stock in trade are the one hour dramadies that make up at least 50% of the viewing hours on cable TV (Law & Order reruns make up the other 50% and she’s probably watching those as well). USA Network and Lifetime will be keeping her DVR stocked all summer long and for that she is so very thankful.

Follow us on Twitter or email us: SmartLadiesBadTV@gmail.com!

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