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In case anyone forgot …

29 Mar

Kirstie Alley shook it here first!

What’s On

23 Mar

With so many stories on and the allure of the tweet, we seem to have gotten behind here at SLBTV!

Last night’s Chicago Code (I hear it’s a good one) is waiting for me on the DVR, Top Chef is new tonight and the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode (which I’m concerned about—unless it’s all Miranda and Callie ((thanks to lady B for clue-in on Callie’s vocal chops)) all day long) airs tomorrow. What I’m saying is: This is a good week for TV.

Last week marked the end of the worst season of The Bachelor ever. It was as expected, but the After the Final Rose was a mess. Not even a hot mess. Chris Harrison was a total jerk and eager to make the ladies cry and not eager to offer up tissues. I’m also over the rejected bachelor/ette as new bachelor/ette, but I will give Ashley a chance because she’s from Maine! Go Maine! Also, we learned that Vienna is going to be on The Bachelor Pad. I’ll pretend for a second that I don’t plan to watch.

The Biggest Loser is pretty good this season—we all love Courtney, right?—but I am worried about these new shiny boxing trainer people. And is it me or is everyone going a little overboard with the being nice and giving up prizes and offering to go home? I mean it makes sense sometimes and is nice, but it’s a little much.

And finally, Dancing With the Stars kicked off on Monday. Front runner: The Karate Kid! Best moment of the show was when Bruno went off on a Some Like it Hot tangent.

Thanks to Robert Couse-Baker for the pic!

Tracy Flick Syndrome

9 Dec

So the Judges’ Table last night. Wooza. The always-awesome, intense Jennifer Carroll seemed determined to sabotage herself. It’s totally the kiss of death when all of the judges hate something and the chef maintains it was awesome—over and over again. Being super rude didn’t help either.

I don’t think being mouthy got her kicked off, I think it was the food. But I feel bad for her. If she really is that intense all of the time and puts that much pressure on herself, she must be exhausted. I hope she takes a hot bath and maybe does some yoga. Watching her made me sad in the same way as the Tracy Flick character from Election. Which, coincidently, I think also applied to Brandy in DWTS, but I digress.

Favorite moments of the week: Jamie and Dale’s faces when they learned that they had to interact with children, Trey’s face when he saw his cot. Fabio selling his gnocchi with tales of his grandma. What’s up with Tiffany though? She was a force and seems to be kinda stuck in the middle.

Another awkward moment: Bringing back the host from season 1. What was that about?

Now what?

29 Nov

So it’s Monday and I have the flu. I’m caught up with my stories and in desperate need of good/bad TV to look forward to this evening. And without DWTS, I’m lost! I can’t get down with the skating show. Does anyone have suggestions?

A sigh of relief!

24 Nov

Cheers to Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey! Lady B and I got together (and welcomed a SmartGuy and a SmartDog to share the couch) for Zen Noodles—highly recommended for those of you in Chicago—drinks and live tweeting. Highlights: Margaret Cho looking awesome, B’s running commentary about the costumes (gack! those pants! why?) and, of course, the big win.

Until next season, I’m personally eagerly awaiting Top Chef All-Stars, sleeping through The Fashion Show and feeling very ambivalent about the Bachelor. I would like to point out, however, that if ABC can bring back Womack, they can also bring back Gilles Marini. Just saying. And now, let’s remember why this is a fantastic idea.

She carried a watermelon, America was happy!

23 Nov

I am overwhelmed with reality. Not only is there DWTS to comment on, there’s The Fashion Show (but I keep falling asleep so…I guess that’s my comment) and Millionaire Matchmaker in NYC (awesome), The Biggest Loser (damn you and your hotness Jillian Michaels!!) and the fact that The Bachelor seems to be giving the finger—in the form of the return of assface Brad Womack—to its viewers. Seriously?

But today, Jennifer Grey is where it’s at!! I LOVED the freestyle performance and think that “Do You Love Me?” was perfect. First, so smart of them to choose a Dirty Dancing song. America is clearly not voting for the best dancer (see Bristol and her invisible ankle weights), but America loves nostalgia. That Derek. So smart.

Also, for super Dirty Dancing fans like myself, this was a nice way to show that Jennifer has gone from the girl with the watermelon to the super star dancing pro! In the movie, this number was performed by Patrick Swayze and the undeniably awesome Cynthia Rhodes—the Kellerman‘s pros. Full transformation from tentative Baby to kickass Jennifer. Loves it!

And now, let’s relive the original number as we all cross our fingers that tonight’s finale goes as it should. I am still waiting for the “I’ve Had (the time of my life)” reference…

Bounce to the Ounce

16 Nov

I’ve been a Kyle fan from Day 1.  He is a lot of fun to watch and really knows how to perform through dance (not just go from pose to pose ala Audrina…or Brandy).  I was very happy to see him do so well AND get credit for it from the judges.  Samba always strikes me as the kiss of death on the show but it just didn’t stop him.  (And this was with a costume that was not doing him any favors.)  I also give Kyle a lot of credit for doing content-heavy dances.  So often the male contestants are just light years behind the ladies in terms of the difficulty level they take on, but I don’t feel that it is the case with Kyle.

Brandy. Sigh.  I am trying to keep an open mind, but I just find her movement stiff and awkward.  I feel like she gives a performance with her face but not with her dancing.  I will give credit for the tango–that did not look easy. (Though I note she did a way modified version of the scary jump lift that Erin did with Maks last season. But that’s cool–it really did look scary.)

Bristol. What can I say? She’s not terrible, especially when you consider that she has no performing background. She really does look like a high school kid performing at an assembly (“Gee look Mom, I’m dancing!”). Which is fine. Except this isn’t an assembly. Her dances seem to be at a slower pace than the others.   [Sidenote: if indeed Tea Party folks are rigging the voting (see it just does not bode well for our country that they would try to push a non-deserving winner on a dancing show just to make trouble. ] That said, I do think a lot of people vote because they think she has come such a long way, but I think in the end, it should be who is best.  The show is called Dancing with the Stars. Newsflash, America: actual performing arts stars (as opposed to reality show stars) are very likely to have dance or at least performing talent.   The point is that they are not professional ballroom dancers. I get that watching Kristi or whats-her-name from last season dominate a season can be disheartening, but wasn’t it fun to see such great performances?

Anyway, I guess we know where I stand on Jennifer. She rocks!  I am finding her story so interesting. I am still unclear how much dance background she had before Dirty Dancing, but I do believe she has done little since.  It is interesting that it always seemed like Mr. Swayze was the dance highlight of the movie–and of course he was–but watching J. Grey light it up each week, I now see that her dancing and performance quality are very special as well. Does it make anyone else want to cry that it took her all this time to get out there and dance again? That movie just came out at the wrong time when there was just no interest in dancing and movie musicals as there is again now.   Whatever is wrong with DWTS, it makes me happy that millions are tuning in each week to watch dancing and that talented performers/choreographers like Derek Hough and Cheryl Burke have nice paying job and notoriety.






Dancing in the Round

12 Oct

Where to start?

First let’s congratulate everyone for surviving the raised in the round stage.  No dropped partners.  Hurrah!

Karina/Situation: The abs arrived!  Love the Sweet Dreams music. But poor Situation can’t dance. I think Carrie Ann got it right when he said that walking is his worst move. Most importantly, Karina’s hair scared me.

Oh Florence. Nice dress but that dance was bananas.

Dazamn Jennifer Grey!  That tango rocked. Wowza!  And Len didn’t even have a problem with their piano monkey business at the beginning.  That dance felt so much longer than the others because there was so much more packed in.

Let’s talk about Mark and Bristol.  First, I liked when little Tripp tried to hit Mark at the end of their visit. Someone had to.  When Mark worked with little Shawn Johnson he worked really hard to make her comfortable and keep a friendly distance.  But here, his dances are just way too flirty/sexy considering he is working with a 19 year old non-performer.  Next week, Mark, keep your distance and keep your shirt on!  Seriously.  As to the dancing–such a mixed bag.  She has good and bad moments.

Dearest Audrina: Two things. (1) Getting the high score once does not make you a “front runner.”  Especially when (2) you apparently refuse to make facial expressions for fear of wrinkles.  And here I thought you were just a robot.

Let’s see, who did I purposely forget?

The athletes!  I think the judges got it right.  Oh and that kid who was on It’s So Raven.  I thought he was pretty good.

Brandy/Max–hey they were good!  I give a lot of credit to the lighting and the sheet costume for points but Brandy really did a nice job.

What she said.

28 Sep

I have been irked by Bristol Palin’s claim that she’s a “teen pregnancy prevention advocate” since this season of DWTS kicked off. It’s like saying The Situation is an actor. Bristol is Sarah Palin’s daughter and The Situation is a pigeon-toed, but surely lovely, guy with fascinating abdominal muscles. Done.

Anyway, this post by Gretchen Sisson on nicely sums up what I have been trying to articulate.

Well played, America! (DWTS Results)

22 Sep

[Update upon actually watching the results]
DWTS Week 1 elimination actually surprised me, but I am very happy with your work, America.  (I did not actually tune in, but the internet hooked me up with the information.)

Despite the otherwise interminable nature of the results show, I must say that I enjoyed the pros’ cha-cha.  If you have danced cha-cha, you have danced to Oye Como Va.  It was fun to see what they did with it–very classic, showed off the skills of the Latin champs on the show, and was not overwrought as the pro dances often are.  Also, it was such a lesson in how important the right music is.  I understand DWTS uses a variety of music to engage America, but it’s not easy on the performers.  True cha-cha music (or samba, waltz, etc.) really helps–it accents the important beats so that you know when to step.  Usually.

Libby covered most of my thoughts on yesterday’s performance show but here are a few more:

1. Did anyone else notice that Derek did not seem to be familiar with “These Arms of Mine” when he announced that it would be their song?  On that note, I usually think the band does a nice job but I think we all learned a lesson that covering Otis Redding is something about which EVERYONE should think twice before trying.  (Don’t even think about it, Michael I-think-When-A-Man-Loves-A-Woman-is-my-song Bolton.)  So far I think I like them as a couple but can’t tell how that’s going to work yet. I was hoping she’d be paired with Tony but of course Derek is great so can’t complain.

2. Loving Karina’s new haircut.  Conversely, Lacey’s blond hair is terrifying.

3.  Rick Fox maybe IS too tall, despite what the judges said.

4. How about that Kyle?  I had never heard of him but he was tons of fun.

5.  Sooo, can someone explain why the Situation did not show off his abs?  Isn’t that a job requirement for him? Isn’t that why he was wearing a zip up warm up jacket? [Aha, he showed them off when prompted by Florence Henderson. She’s fun–we need to keep her around!]

6. Libby said it, but I have to second the wishes that Margaret Cho will come out strong next week.

7. I won’t really critique Bristol due to her age and lack of performance background.  (I think the judges were doing the same?) For now,  I’ll just say that I was not impressed with her ability to get the steps down, but let’s wait and see what she can do with more rehearsals.

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