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Top Chef + Just Desserts

23 Sep

Typically, I don’t have much love for the reunion show. However, last night’s Top Chef DC gathering had a few moments worth celebrating. My favorite  happened during the Judges Gone Wild segment in which we were all treated to Tom, Padma and the crew killing time. At judges’ table, Padma asked, “Who do we want to send home?” And then Tom raised his hand looking very sullen and a little hopeful. Awesome.

And I’m super excited about Top Chef All Stars! Hello Fabio, I have missed you! I am eagerly awaiting a new round of quotes. Though he is best known for “This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop,” my favorite (so far) was when Tom dissed his dish and Fabio said something like, “My grandmother, she would be so disappointed in you.”

And regarding Just Desserts … UGH. Gail is nice. There’s just too much emphasis on the personal drama. I feel bad for that Seth guy, really. But he’s annoying and creepy. And how could they send Tim home? He’s like the Nathan Lane character in the Birdcage. So cute and nice. I will probably keep watching, but I will regret it.

Pea-leeze: Top Chef DC

30 Jul

Despite the fact that I think cooking is best left to my friends at Sultan‘s Market and Trader Joe’s, I love some Top Chef! But this season is kinda losing me. I’m into the DC idea (Hail to the Chef = awesome), but totally bracing myself for the inevitable, painfully lame crossover with The Real Housewives of DC.

My biggest problem with this season can be explained by taking a look at this week’s episode in which Alex allegedly steals a pea puree from Ed and goes on to win the challenge. In the episode all of the chefs are talking about this constantly but no one does anything. And, as Tom points out on his blog, Ed never directly accuses Alex. Fine. But isn’t this a reality TV show? Our blogging judge goes on to write that we will never know what happened. Why not? Aren’t there cameras all over the place? Can’t someone go back and check the footage? If we can’t count on a reality show to capture what actually happens—especially when it’s a contest-based show and the winner may have cheated—why bother?

Also, one of the things I have historically liked about Top Chef is that the show usually steers clear of showing us too much of life in the house—we’re left to judge people on how they behave in the kitchen. So, I hate that there’s all this speculation about Tiffani and Ed. 1. Who cares? 2. If there was proof, I bet we’d see it. Sex is more interesting than peas and they were all over it a few seasons back with Leah and Hosea.

And finally, is it me or  is Padma extra bitchy this year? During the elimination as Andrea was saying goodbye I swear Padma said something like, “Okay, that’s enough. Goodbye.”Simply not nice.

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