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EMMY Opening Number

30 Aug

What fun to see John Hamm shakin’ it. But oooh, Matt Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris looked like they were smiling through tears that they were not included and Kate worst-person-ever Plus 8 was.

Suddenly interested in Gossip Girl

23 Aug

I have only seen Gossip Girl once or twice, back in my gym going days.  Sigh. But I digress.

Hark, is that Billy Baldwin I see? Now we’re talkin’!

Bachelorette Countdown

2 Aug

Am I right that we are looking at 3-4 hours of coverage tonight (incl. After the Final Rose?)  Seems a bit much.  I am so glad I finally joined the 21st century this summer and got DVR so that I can take advantage of fast forward capabilities!

Back from the Dead

26 Jul

Oh come ON!  Grey’s Anatomy finally killed off that wretched character and now she shows up on Mad Men?

Sunglasses Scandal

23 Jul

Did you know that designer sunglasses are not more effective at blocking the sun than the shades you can pick up at Walgreen’s?  I know!  I am as shocked as you are.   But thanks to Matt Lauer’s hard-hitting investigation this morning, I now know that the extra cash for designer sunglasses mainly pays for the lovely design and a logo.  Let’s all take a moment to breathe. This news changes everything.

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