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A sigh of relief!

24 Nov

Cheers to Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey! Lady B and I got together (and welcomed a SmartGuy and a SmartDog to share the couch) for Zen Noodles—highly recommended for those of you in Chicago—drinks and live tweeting. Highlights: Margaret Cho looking awesome, B’s running commentary about the costumes (gack! those pants! why?) and, of course, the big win.

Until next season, I’m personally eagerly awaiting Top Chef All-Stars, sleeping through The Fashion Show and feeling very ambivalent about the Bachelor. I would like to point out, however, that if ABC can bring back Womack, they can also bring back Gilles Marini. Just saying. And now, let’s remember why this is a fantastic idea.

Define Star.

31 Aug

When ABC broke into the Bachelor Pad last night (which gets worse every week) to announce the new cast, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so bad.

Margaret Cho is the bright spot in an otherwise unwatchable season. She’ll bring the funny—also, she has a belly dance background so could totally kill in the Latin numbers. Go Cho! I do worry because I think she’s touring this fall and that typically messes people up when they get to the two dances a week stage.

I have tons of love for Jennifer Grey, but I really miss her old face. It used to just be her nose, but now she’s barely recognizable. I’m still pulling for her though. As Smart Lady B pointed out, the “nobody puts Baby in a corner” references will be unbearable. I also can’t help but brace for her departing dance to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” during which we will all barf and contemplate suicide.

As for the rest of the cast … I have no interest in any of them. There will never be another Gilles and I’m beyond disappointed in the men. Blah.

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