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Lies, Pies and Puke.

18 Aug

I managed to catch The Pad on my trusty DVR this week. First, ABC is totally cheaping out on these dates. Body painting in what could only be the basement of the mansion? Where are my helicopters? And Gia’s date appeared to take place in a well-landscaped parking garage or something. gross.

Speaking of Gia—very interesting development from girl who’s been playing the “I’m the nice one with a boyfriend at home” character. She totally lied to Craig and all of the girls and then got all piss-ass when Nikki didn’t do as she was told. I don’t know. I feel like she’s a shady one. Also, Wes is nice now, oh and he loves Gia. Yes, I bet that’s true. Sheesh.

Regarding that pie-eating contest: That was just nasty. People puked in the pie, then ate the pie and people just let that happen? I like to see a scrawny gal chow down as much as the next guy, but that was too much.

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