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Totally Tweeting!

24 Nov

Follow us—tonight we’ll be talking DWTS!

Dancing in the Round

12 Oct

Dancing in the Round.

Thank you, Twitter.

28 Sep


Original Betty

24 Sep

I think we all celebrate the return of Betty White, but wish writers would make better use of her than the obligatory old-person-says-something-dirty-or-mentions-the-Facebook jokes.  But I never would have guessed that Community would be the show to do it!  Great performance, unique story line!

Tuesday Premieres

22 Sep

I love that Glee started off the season by making fun of itself.  [Mr. Shue: “They don’t like it when I rap?”] Even better: the fist fight between Quinn and Santana! [Also, I hate to impose reality on a show that is essentially a musical, but if they came in third at Regionals, it seems to me that they would not then be able to go to Nationals.]

Also, Billy Baldwin is everywhere! What a welcome addition to Parenthood!

Hellcats? Hell Yes!

11 Sep

I’ve watched only one episode of Hellcats and I think I might love it. I don’t remember the last time I even watched a show on The CW, but I’m pretty sure I’m hooked. Turns out that a Bring It On homage with a touchy-feely, real-life can suck sometimes bent to it kind of works. Maybe this potentially boring Fall season won’t turn out to be half as bad as I expected. And if Nikita can live up to it’s bad-ass looking commercials then I’m in. Did The CW just get good or something? Weird.

Just gets better.

3 Sep

I totally forgot that Margaret Cho’s parents will be in the audience of DWTS!

Hell yeah.

EMMY Opening Number

30 Aug

What fun to see John Hamm shakin’ it. But oooh, Matt Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris looked like they were smiling through tears that they were not included and Kate worst-person-ever Plus 8 was.

Suddenly interested in Gossip Girl

23 Aug

I have only seen Gossip Girl once or twice, back in my gym going days.  Sigh. But I digress.

Hark, is that Billy Baldwin I see? Now we’re talkin’!

Bachelorette Countdown

2 Aug

Am I right that we are looking at 3-4 hours of coverage tonight (incl. After the Final Rose?)  Seems a bit much.  I am so glad I finally joined the 21st century this summer and got DVR so that I can take advantage of fast forward capabilities!

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